Are Unicycles As Fast As Bikes?

No. Generally speaking, bikes are much faster than unicycles. Bicycles are much more mechanically efficient than unicycles which lets them reach a much higher top speed. There are a number of factors that favor bicycles when it comes to speed – namely gears, stability, and harnessing kinetic energy. Bicycles vs Unicycles For Speed Let’s look …

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Unicycle against wall

Are Unicycles Hard To Ride?

No! Unicycles are not hard to ride. Sure, it takes practice and not many people (ie nobody) jumps on a unicycle for the first time and rides it flawlessly but anybody can learn to ride a unicycle. In fact, I’d go as far as saying if you can walk, you can learn to ride a …

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Unicycle Hockey History

Unicycle hockey is somewhat unusual in the world of sport (and that’s ignoring the fact that it’s an entirely separate sport played on a completely unrelated wheeled vehicle!) in that it’s not like older sports that have historic variations and similar games that have evolved into the version we know today and it’s not like …

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